• Purpose: The Executive Committee is responsible for the continuing business of OHSLA, including presentation of the annual budget to the membership for adoption.

    Members: President, Past President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Regional Advisory Council Representative (voting members); chairs of standing committees (see below); OHSLA Voice editor, web manager, archivist, Ohio Collaborative for Clear Health Communication Representative and ad hoc committee chairs (non-voting members).

  • Purpose: produce a newsletter twice a year; gather information on members and happenings in the library world within the Ohio; projects as assigned by the Executive Committee. Chairperson: Catherine King, OHSLA Voice editor
  • Purpose: maintain membership/mailing list; recruit members; evaluate membership categories; projects as assigned by Executive Committee. Chairperson: Treasurer

Nominating and Elections
  • Purpose: recruit candidates for offices; supervise election process and tally results for presentation to membership. Chairperson: Past-President

Programming and Continuing Education
  • Purpose: plan fall and spring meetings; organize a minimum of one CE for fall meeting; projects as assigned by Executive Committee. Chairperson: President-Elect

Sydelko Scholarship Committee

  • Purpose: publicize the Ohio Health Sciences Library Association Bette Sydelko Scholarship, call for applications, evaluate applications, notify recipients and coordinate disbursement of funds with the treasurer. Chairperson: Ellen Franks

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Last updated: April 15, 2024
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