Friday, April 20, 2018

The Spring 2018 OHSLA meeting was held at the Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library on Columbus on Friday April 20, 2018. We learned about Mentoring the Next Generation of Librarians in a presentation given by Tiffney Gipson from the University of Louisville Kornhauser Health Sciences Library. Attendees earned MLA CE credit for participation in a group discussion following the presentation, which was based on a pre-assigned reading list on the topic. Dr. Kendra Albright, Director of Kent State University’s School of Information, also presented, discussing changes and developments going on at the iSchool and furthering the conversation about increased involvement and collaboration that began at the Fall Meeting with Nancy Lensenmayer.  A portion of the afternoon was dedicated to the bi-annual OHSLA business meeting.

OHSLA Spring 2018 Meeting Handouts & Links

For the CE Program Mentoring Millennials

For the OHSLA Business Meeting


Mentoring Millennials

Mentoring programs within the library can have a great impact on both new and potential librarians.  While many librarians have personally benefited from mentoring relationships, some argue that the next generation of librarians may not respond to traditional mentoring techniques.  The literature suggests that many of the mentoring tools that worked so well in the past do not seem to resonate with millennial librarians.  For example, traditionally the “baby boomer” generation may have had a few separate mentoring relationships throughout their career whereas the millennial generation may respond better to multiple, simultaneous mentoring relationships.  As the “baby boomer” generation of librarians are preparing for retirement, many millennials are just discovering the field of librarianship.  Research shows that as many as 60% of the “baby boomers” will retire by 2025 taking with them much of their knowledge, training, and experience all of which could be used to help mentor the next generation of successful librarians.

This presentation will discuss the personal impact that mentorship has had on me as a millennial librarian recently entering the field of librarianship.  Also included is a discussion of recent research findings on different types of mentorship relationships and techniques that can be useful for reaching the next generation of librarians.  In conclusion, the presentation will highlight some of the benefits of mentorship, which include using it as a retention tool, a teaching experience for both parties, and an opportunity to motivate continuing education.

Participants need to read the assigned articles in advance of the meeting and come prepared to engage in an interactive discussion. Click here to download the reading list.

4.0 MLA CE contact hours awarded


Tiffney Gipson
Head of Collections & Clinical Librarian
University of Louisville Kornhauser Health Sciences Library


Information about OHSLA's mentoring program and further reading are now available to members in the Mentoring section of the OHSLA website. 

As a bonus we will welcome Dr. Kendra Albright, Director and Professor of Kent State University's School of Information.  In 2017 KSU's School of Library and Information Science became the School of Information, or the iSchool for short.  Dr. Albright will take time during the OHSLA Business meeting to discuss how the iSchool and OHSLA can collaborate in the future.


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